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Doctor's Review

Maintaining 2 practices is intensely demanding, but I’m really grateful that Clinics Pro has helped me take control of them. I save so much time and energy being able to access details of my patients and practices without having to physically travel to both locations repeatedly. I can keep better track of my expenses now which is a huge relief for me. Even my patients have expressed to my staff that the notifications are extremely helpful and they feel more comfortable being able to access their health record whenever they need to.

Dr. Jameela Bahman

I am so pleased with my choice to go with Clinics Pro over the other cloud based software programs I have seen. I love that the software is customizable and easy to navigate. The reports are spot on accurate, and my schedule is much easier to keep balanced. I feel more connected to my practice.

Dr. Naser Saleh

I’m so grateful choosing Clinics Pro for the other cloud based software, especially when it comes to dental module it is extremely reliable along with a 3D charting and customizable procedure from planning to generating the bills are very efficient giving me more time to focus on my patient.

Dr. Zaid Alzoubi