The Company

ClinicsPro is based in the United States and was created alongside a group of Physicians who possess extensive expertise and insight about the healthcare field. As physicians, ClinicsPro is aware what the necessary requirements are in order to maintain a practice in the best way possible. ClinicsPro software was designed to bring a more automated approach to the functionality of your practice and ease the intricacies of maintaining your business.

ClinicsPro has aided numerous clinics and private practices in improving and reshaping how their facilities run and it is our primary mission to help you succeed. We are dedicated to providing the necessary tools to bring a more modern approach to healthcare professionals and their patients as well. Our clients’ success is what drives us to advance and continually incorporate the newest and most progressive features in our software.

We pride ourselves on creating a software that is the superior solution to elevate your practice to its full potential. Let us help you take a modern approach to healthcare and expand the growth of your clinic.